Thursday, 14 May 2009

A Diary of an insignificant girl

I entered the house he indicated, the air gave off a cold breeze that made my spine tingle and the hair on my back stand. I was always a coward. My brothers called me 'chicken' ever since after that incident. It was also in this house that it happened and it took all the courage I had to come back. In the hope that I might comehoe forget the trauma I had, I forced myself.

Everything looked so small. Probably because, I myself, was small then. It was the winter of 20 years ago when my parents decided to spend the Christmas holidays on my grandmother's old home - where my mum grew up. She said it brings back memories, like when she had first learned hot to ride a canoe. I remember her lipes gently curling into a smile as Nick and Kevin grunted having to have heard the story of mum 'a million times'. But I didn't mind- mummy never told me her stories for she was rarely home. In fact, this is the first time we had a family outing in six years. It was also my first family outing.

Thud. the sound of something big suddenly woke me up from my waking dream. it was from the kitchen. The kitchen- so many wonderful memories! Like that time when I helped my mum with the Christmas Dinner, and where she baked my and my brothers chocolate cookies the day after and...It was then I realised that my first holiday was one of the few memories I had with my mum. It was the first and only. Thud.There it is again. I ran pass the cobweb covered lounge seemingly liek a still of a haunted house in a horror flick. It was left as it was before we all rushed to leave. It was all there as if it was yesterday, save for the dust and the moulds that grew out of the meal we were having. There it was - the kitchen.

this is a mini story I made for my key skills folder, its almost like a prolouge or a short chapter of a long story..I might decide to continue it..but it looks a bit dark at the moment..